Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Two Year Vacation...

Some of you already know that my family and I moved to Mobile, Alabama in April of 2009 after my husband found his biological dad after years of searching.  We thought it would be a good way to expose our children to a different way of life.  And boy do I mean different!  I had never been to the ocean before and where we lived we were minutes away.  We saw different species of marine life,including dolphins, sharks, and jelly fish.  We had a blast, taking in new sites, meeting new people and learning a different way of life.   
If you look back and see the little black
thing to the left of the green fishing line
you can see the tip of a dolphin fin!!!
Yep he's still alive and kickin!!!
Some species of jelly fish
Obviously it wasn't easy for us to leave everyone we knew and loved in Oklahoma but it was something we felt like we needed to do, to kinda prove to ourselves that we could do it. Needless to say life isn't the same without the people you love.  Just as simple as that.  Everyone looked forward to summer vacation and the fun we would have.  At the same time, we dreaded saying the good byes, knowing that we wouldn't see each other until November for Thanksgiving, and even that was a maybe.  After what seems like an eternity but was actually less that 2 years, and opportunity presented itself that made it possible for us to move back to OK.  So on December 17th we made the 13 hour trip from Mobile, AL to Blanchard, OK for the last time (excluding vacations!).  We were very excited to be home and to be able to participate in family gatherings, cause lets face it we aint gettin any younger!  

We will never forget living there.  The extended family that accepted us like they had known us forever and the things we never would have experienced had it not been for the move there.  But like I've said since we moved there... "It's better for vacations than living there."

To sum it all up, glad we went, glad we're back!!!! 
Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend!



  1. Awww, those are beautiful pics. I can FEEL the humidity and heavy heat as I look at them. lol I'm glad you guys went...for the experience...but SO very glad you're back. :) I love your're doing great! Keep it up :) Love you

  2. I am so glad you are doing BEDA with me! I am also so glad that you guys moved back home. Ryan and I think about picking up and moving off somewhere sometimes. It's scary, but it's also exciting to think about living somewhere else. I'm glad you guys got your dose of it early and came back home!