Friday, March 11, 2011

Here it goes...

Okay so I've decided that todays the day that I tackle blog land.  So how should I start?  Do I introduce you to my family?  Or just dive right in?  So I guess I will go with the first one.  So here it goes...

I am a 26 year old wife of 6 years and the mother of two very rambunctious kids.  A 5 year old girl named Sadie, and a 4 year old boy named Nathan.  They keep me on my toes to say the least.  I have lived in the same small town in Oklahoma most of my life.  We tried a move to Alabama for 2 years but decided it was a place for vacations not a place to live.  So we came back on December 17, 2010. And let me say its GREAT to be home!!

My daughter Sadie was diagnosed with insulin dependent type one diabetes at the age of 3.  This diagnosis turned our world upside down to say the least.  We went from happy-go-lucky, eat what ever you want to finger sticks, carb counting, and insulin injections.  She spent 2 days in PICU at the OU Children's Hospital in OKC and 3 days on the floor while the doctors, nurses, and endocrinologists taught us how to take care of her on a daily basis.  She was so very very sick and we will never forget seeing her in that crib with 2 IVs and monitors every where.  It was by far the scariest time of our lives.  Now what seemed so daunting 3 years ago is like breathing now.  Our day consists of this: wake up, finger stick, breakfast, injection, finger stick for lunch then shot, same for supper and then a final shot at 9 pm of Lantus.  Then we wake up and do it all over again.  She is now a kindergarten student who sees herself as only that. To her she is no different than anyone else in her class and we thank God for that. 

My son Nathan is all boy.  He constantly gets bumps and bruises and has had stitches, surgery, and 2 broken bones in the past few years.  I have no doubt there will be more broken bones in his future because he seems to have no fear.  Unlike me who has enough fear for the both of us lol.  He is one healthy little boy and loves to help work on cars, ride tractors and what ever else the guys do around here.

Oops, looks like I rambled on when I wasn't paying attention.  But this is my life, it wont be all rainbows and butterflies but it will be from my heart.  Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Many blessings, 


  1. Love Love Love it!! So glad you've decided to do this. And, I'm honored to be your first follower. :) Love you!!

  2. Thank you for reading it! Glad you loved it and excited to see what else I can come up with.